Italian wine and grape guide : Vitouska


The Vitouska grape is an authochthonal Slovenian variety present in the Karts area, both in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia and in the Slovenian side. Its name seems to have come from the town of Vitovlje in Slovenia, known as Vitovska Gargania and it has been present in this area since time immemorial. It is primarily known by the synonymous of Vitovska. Until a few years ago it was almost exclusively vinified in blends, but recently there has been a trend towards the rediscovery of authochthonal and forgotten grapes and wine quality of this variety have made that more and more producers propose it vinified alone. The berry is white, medium, spherical, slightly elongated with medium waxy, green skin. Its bunch is large, pyramidal, winged, and compact with a large, pentagonal, five-lobed leaf. The Vitouska grape has medium vigor and mid-early maturing. In spite of a tendency towards floral abortion, its production is generally good and regular. The wine produced from this grape gives a pale straw yellow colored wine. The fragrance is fruity and light balsamic, with hints of pear and sage. The taste is dry, fresh and fruity.

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