The Viognier grape is originally from the Rhone Valley in France and had been, almost completely abandoned due to the grape’s low yield, but recently it is making a come back mainly because of its nose and body.

In Italy, initially introduced in very small quantity and used in blends, mainly in Tuscany and Piedmont, it is now more and more common to see wines made of 100% Viognier with Tuscany and the Maremma Toscana proving so far the best wine region for Viognier wines.

The grape is now found in other regions as well, and whilst it is often found in very light, easy to drink and refreshing versions, the only Viognier wines that manage to produce great wine balancing their high alcohol content seems to be the ones from Tuscany.

Viognier can produce white wines with very complex noses, very fruity when young, more elegant when aged.

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