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Italian wine and grape guide : Vien de Nus

Vien de Nus

The vine Vien de Nus owes its name to the town located near Aosta where it comes from and where it is still cultivated today. Its name means “pianta di Nus” (a plant belonging to Nus). Along with the Petit rouge, the indigenous red grape, Vien de Nus is the most cultivated and spread in the district of Valle d'Aosta, and it belongs to the family of indigenous varieties “Orious”, evolved through continuous natural reproduction in their range of cultivation. Also known as Gros Vien or Gros Rodzo, Vien de Nus has spread on an area of cultivation which extends from Donnaz in Avise, on both sides of Baltea, up to altitudes of about 750 meters. It forms the basis of some red wines of Valle d'Aosta DOC. The berry is black, large, spherical with very waxy, blue black, skin. The bunch is medium to large, conical-pyramidal, winged, medium compact with a large leaf, pentagonal, five-lobed. The vine Vien de Nus has high vigor and vintage mid-early maturing. Its production is abundant, but sometimes just constant because of its sensitivity to diseases and adverse climatic conditions. The vine Vien de Nus gives a deep purple-red wine that tends to discolor with aging assuming garnet tones gradually. The scent is intense with vinous notes. The taste is dry, soft and light-bodied, low alcohol.

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