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Italian wine and grape guide : Vermentino nero

Vermentino nero

The grape Vermentino nero is probably native to the coastal zones of the hills of Tuscany (Massa-Carrara and lower Lunigiana), where it is still grown in the local tradition. According to some scholars, it would be a mutation of the white Vermentino bianco, also for the similarity of many characteristics of the grape variety. After being almost extinct after the Second World War, in the late ‘80s it was rediscovered thanks to the foresight of some producers of Massa area and then other companies in the same province have resumed cultivating, proposing it in blends but also its versions in purity. We can find it as a complementary vine in the Colli di Luni Rosso DOC and it becomes part of the blend of Rosso Toscana IGT (for the province of Massa-Carrara) and the Red and Rosé IGT Val di Magra. The berry is black medium-large or large, spheroidal or ellipsoidal short with medium waxy, greenish-yellow skin, that becomes golden yellow or amber when well exposed to the sun. The bunch is medium, cylindrical or pyramid with one or two wings (sometimes long pedunculate wing), usually loose or medium compact. The black grape Vermentino nero has high vigor, medium-late maturing and high productivity, The Vermentino nero grape gives a wine of ruby red color, fragrant and fruity on the nose, with medium structure and good persistence.

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