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Italian wine and grape guide : Verduzzo trevigiano

Verduzzo trevigiano

The Verduzzo trevigiano grape seems to have been introduced in Veneto from Sardinia at the beginning of the 20th century, though so far we have not been able to connect it to any of the varieties of the island. It is less famous and less popular than Verduzzo friulano and it is grown mainly in the provinces of Treviso and Venice. The main differences between these two grapes of the same name are in the shape of the leaf and the bunch. This vine is rarely vinified alone. Verduzzo trevigiano has a white, medium size berry with slightly thin, green skin. Its bunch is medium, cylindrical-pyramidal, winged and medium compact and the leaf medium, orbicular or pentagonal, five-lobed. The Verduzzo trevigiano has high vigor and gives good and steady production. It gives a straw yellow wine with a pleasant scent, dry and quite alcoholic, fruity and slightly bitter in the mouth.

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