Italian wine and grape guide : Verdiso


The Verdiso grape seems to be an authochthonal variety of the Euganean Hills area, but it is no longer possible to find it there. Since the beginning of 18th century it has been present in the area of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene, which in those days was preferred over the other varieties due to its high productivity (albeit at the expense of the quality of musts). Nowadays it is still present in the area and contributes to both blends with Prosecco (Glera) and with the other varieties. Its important acid component makes it suitable for drying, and it is in fact used in the production of the Colli di Conegliano DOCG Torchiato Fregona. The Verdiso’s berry is white, medium-large, and ellipsoidal with thin, waxy, greenish-yellow skin. The bunch is medium, pyramidal, vaulted with a wing and with a medium, pentagonal, entire, three-lobed leaf. The Verdiso grapevine has good vigor and late ripening. Its productivity is abundant and regular. This grape gives a wine of a straw yellow color. The scent is very intense, fruity. The taste is fresh, with little body, harmonious albeit with weak persistence. It is vinified primarily in blends, especially with Prosecco (Glera) in the Coengliano-Valdobbiadene area.

We do not stock any wine made with Verdiso but we suggest you to try those made with Passerina