Italian wine and grape guide : Ucelut


The Ucelut grape is an authochthonal Friulian white grape whose origin, as often happens in small Italian winemaking realities, remains unclear. It belongs to a so-called group of uccelline grapes, “little birds”, that is characterized by their spontaneous growth at the edge of the woods and especially popular among the birds. The cultivation of Ucelut vine has been present for centuries all over the Friuli, where it once was common, although nowadays there are a very few admirers in Castelnovo del Friuli and Pinzano, in the province of Pordenone. Its berry is white medium large, round and regular with a thick and golden-yellow, waxy skin. The bunch is medium large and truncated pyramid shape, rather compact and equipped with smaller wings and short. The Ucelut grape prefers clayey and stony soil. It gives a pale yellow wine, more or less intense, clear and with good transparency. The fragrance is fruity and floral, with notes of wild flowers and acacia. The taste is balanced with full flavor and body, soft and velvety with a pleasant aftertaste of almonds.

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