Italian wine and grape guide : Torbato


The Torbato vine is present in Sardinia in the zone of Alghero, and is of undoubted Spanish origin, having been imported during the Catalan domination. In fact, the variety is also known as Vitis Iberian and with dialect names Uva catalana or Turbat. In the Alghero surroundings, the Torbato grape occupies an area of just about 90 hectares. The soils of the Alghero are calcareous, argillaceous and the warm, and the climate is dry - perfectly suited to this grape variety. The Torbato grape is generally vinified alone and as a basis for a brut sparkling wine, both included in the DOC Alghero. The berry is white, medium-small, spheroid with large, golden yellow skin. The bunch is medium, widely spaced, cylindrical or cylindrical-conical with a medium, orbicular, or three-lobed leaf. The Torbato vine prefers hot, dry climates, not very high positions and clay-calcareous soils. This variety has medium vigor and time of average maturity and an average productivity. The grape Torbato gives a pale yellow wine. The scent is delicate and fruity, the taste is warm and soft, with a slightly bitter mouth final.

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