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The Scimiscià grape is a native white variety of Liguria almost completely extinct, nowadays it still exists thanks to the efforts of some sensible producers who have saved a few rows, exclusively in Val Fontanabuona, in the province of Genoa, in the hinterland of Chiavari and Lavagna and in 2003, it was included among the varieties recommended and authorized for the Liguria region.

The name is in dialect and it means “cimiciato”, dotted, because of the presence of small dots on its berry (Pigato has its name for the same reason, from the dialect “picau”, meaning speckled). Scimiscià is a grape of ancient and mysterious origins, its yield is very low and the grapes are very sugary. The Scimiscià grape is mainly used to produce dry wines, although there are dessert wines of extraordinary complexity.

The Scimiscià grape produces wine of a pale yellow colour with greenish reflections, almost crystalline, and an excellent consistency. The scent shows floral and fruity notes, citrus and acacia flowers. The taste is warm and savory, with mineral notes, fine and harmonious.

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