Italian wine and grape guide : Ruche'


The Ruchè grape has ancient origins, and it is almost certainly native of Monferrato. Some believe it came from Spain, others believe its precursors came from France, carried by monks who planted it in the area around the monastery of San Rocco (which no longer exists) in Portacomaro. This seems to be the origin of the name (Fortresses), but according to others it would mean “rocks” in the sense that the Ruchè seems to prefer the steepest hill areas. The berry is black, medium, spheroid with slightly waxy and thick skin. The bunch is medium or medium-large, elongated and winged (1 to 3 wings), medium loose with a medium, pentagonal, three-lobed or five-lobed leaf. The Ruchè vine vigor is medium-high with medium productivity, quite regular. The Ruchè grape gives a wine of a ruby red color with purple hues. The scent is fine, intense, fruity, with notes of cherry and geranium. The taste is full-bodied, soft, with strong alcohol content.

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