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Italian wine and grape guide : Rossese bianco

Rossese bianco

The white Rossese vine owes its name to the intense amber or even pink shade on the fully ripe grapes that were exposed to the sun. There are other synonyms of Rossese bianco, both in Liguria di Levante and di Ponente, but there are not always phonological similarities with Rossese bianco delle Langhe. White grape varieties called Rossese were still widespread in Liguria in the past (Rossese bianco made part in the Cinque Terre wine composition) and Piedmont around Alba and Mondovi. Currently the cultivation of Rossese bianco is limited to the municipalities of Sinio and Roddino Alta Langa. The white berry of Rossese bianco is small, spheroid with thick, very waxy, greenish yellow colored skin with light gray accents. The bunch is large, wide, conical, well developed, medium compact with a medium leaf. The Rossese bianco grape has rather poor vigor and its productivity is average but alternating. The wine made of Rossese bianco grapes is of good alcohol content, fresh and lively, with typical fruity notes (green apple and citrus). The taste is full-bodied, with lively acidity but well assembled with other components and with good persistence on the palate.

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