The Rossese grape has no certain origins, it seems to come from the south of France, from where it arrived in Liguria and found in the Dolceacqua area its chosen territory. The origin of the name seems clearly to refer to the color of its berries - red and it is almost exclusively spread within the Italian Riviera, close to the border with France.

The black berry of Rossese grape is medium-small, ellipsoidal and short with medium thick, blue-black-violet colored, waxy skin. The bunch is medium or medium-large, pyramidal with 1-2 wings, more or less sparse with a medium-large, pentagonal leaf. Rossese vines are cultivated according to the Mediterranean tradition, so that the foliage of the plant in the summer covers the foot and then the root with their shade, protecting them from the sun's rays of the midday.

The Rossese grape variety has good vigor, mid-early maturing, and abundant production and gives a wine of ruby red color, delicate, floral and spicy, with notes of rose and black pepper. The taste is delicate and harmonious, full bodied, with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

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