Riesling is a white aromatic grape that can produce outstanding wines, because like the Chardonnay, it is an age worthy wine, generally light in alcohol, with a beautiful and refreshingly high acidity.

The Riesling grape comes from Germany, where it is still the main grape, precisely the Rhine wine region, and from there planted in many other countries, including Italy, mainly Alto Adige and Friuli Venezia Giulia, it is in cool climates that the grape gives its best, however, there are the first attempt of growing the grape in warmer climate and despite the grape not producing great wines, the resulting wines are still very enjoyable without the ageing that characterise the best Rieslings.

The Riesling grape also produces some fantastic botrytised sweet wines, including the Canadian Ice Wine.

Riesling pairs well with many food types, but it is with spicy food that it really excels. Spicy food and Riesling are a pair made in heaven. Riesling is living a sort of renaissance due to very poor and sweet wine that has flooded the world a couple of decades ago, dry Riesling is crisp, due to its high levels of acidity, and has floral aromas.

Now that you know more about the Riesling, these are the wines we stock