Italian wine and grape guide : Rebo


The Rebo vine is named after Rebo Rigotti (1891-1971), researcher at the Experimental Station of San Michele all'Adige (TN), who built this crossing around 1920, with the intention of finding a replacement for the Merlot to be used in less suitable areas. The Rebo vine is listed as Incrocio Rigotti 107-3 (Merlot x Teroldego). He obtained a grape capable of giving wines of the indegenous variety Marzemino’s fragrance but supported by the structure of the Merlot. The grape variety Rebo has spread not only in Trentino, but the only recognized DOC is the Trentino DOC. The main growing areas include the municipalities of San Michele all’Adige, Volano, Calavino, Cavedine and Padergnone, in the Valley of the Lakes, the home town of Rebo Rigotti. The berry is black, medium with waxy, bluish-black skin. The bunch is medium, compact, usually winged with a medium, orbicular, or three-lobed leaf. The Rebo vine has medium vigor and good and constant production. The grape Rebo gives a ruby red wine. The scent is fruity with hints of underbrush and blackberries. The taste is warm, tannic, full-bodied.

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