Italian wine and grape guide : Prunesta


The Prunesta grape is an authochthonal variety of ancient origin from Calabria. Some believe the Prunesta could be the Capinia grapes mentioned by Pliny. The etymology of the name seems to make it derive from the Latin mist and refers to the abundance of bloom that covers the skin, almost like a fine mist. Traditionally, the grape is also called Uva del Soldato (Soldier’s Grape) or even Ruggia. The grape variety is present mainly on the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria. Its black berry color is large and ellipsoidal with waxy, bluish-purple color skin. The cluster is medium, pyramidal or conical, medium compact or loose with medium, orbicular, trefoil leaf. The Prunesta grape is usually grown using traditional farming systems. The wine produced from Prunesta grape is of cherry or ruby red color with an intense aroma and dry flavour, slightly tannic and full-bodied.

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