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Italian wine and grape guide : Prié blanc

Prié blanc

The Prié blanc grape is a native of Valle d'Aosta, but its origins are still uncertain. It could have come from the Savoy area or the Valais, but in any case it has been present in the territory for a long time and this is where the vine has undergone genetic mutations that led it to take on the current characteristics. Like all varieties that can adapt to extreme conditions, even the Prié blanc has early maturity and a strong acidity. This and its resistance to spring frosts meant that the Prié blanc can also be grown over 1000 meters of altitude, something considered prohibitive for most of the traditional varieties. The “extreme” environment and altitude where it is grown allowed the vine to resist the attacks of phylloxera. The berry is white, medium, round with slightly waxy, thin and translucent, pale golden yellow skin. The bunch is medium, cylindrical-conical, usually winged, medium tight with a medium-small, three-lobed or five-lobed leaf. The Prié blanc grape variety has medium vigor, early ripening, production generally abundant and regular. The vine Prié blanc gives a pale yellow wine with greenish reflections. The scent is fine and delicate, fruity and herbaceous, with notes of hay just cut. The taste is fresh and dry. Suitable for both still and sparkling wines.

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