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Italian wine and grape guide : Pollera nera

Pollera nera

It is almost certain that Pollera nera has its origins in Liguria, especially since there are testimonies from the 19th century about its cultivation in the Cinque Terre area and in the high Lunigiana, in the province of La Spezia from where it has been spreading to the lower Magra Valle. Today it is present mainly in the vineyards of the Lunigiana and in the area bordering Tuscany, in Massa-Carrara area. Pollera nera has a black, medium, round or very short ellipsoidal berry sometimes deformed by the compactness of the bunch. Its peel is fine, very waxy and gray-violet. The bunch is medium-large, compact, often winged with a medium-small, three-lobed or five-lobed leaf. This variety doesn’t have any special requirements regarding soil and climatic factors. Its production is abundant and quite regular. Pollera nera gives a ruby red wine, light-bodied, simple, to drink young.

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