Italian wine and grape guide : Pinella


The Pinella vine has uncertain origins. It seems to have been identified for the first time in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia, where it is almost gone now. Instead, it is present in Veneto, in Padua, especially in the area of the Euganean Hills, where it is vinified typically blended with other local varieties to give young wines, fresh and tasty. The berry is white, medium, spheroid or slightly ovoid for the highly compact. The peel is thin, not very consistent and a little waxy, of golden yellow color, which tends to copper when it is fully ripe. The bunch is medium or small, cone shaped, stocky, very compact and often with a wing. The leaf is medium, pentagonal, and three-lobed. The Pinella grape gives a pale yellow wine. The fragrance is floral and fruity with some hints of grapefruit. The taste is dry, fairly soft, rightly savory and fresh. It has good body and is pretty persistent with return to the pineapple smell taste. The finish is slightly almond which makes the olfactory taste of discreet refinement.

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