The Pigato grape is of Ligurian origin, as it also is the Vermentino, that has since spread from Liguria to other Italian regions. Pigato's origins are still the subject of an ongoing discussion, since it is very similar to the Vermentino, and even to the Piedmont's Favorita. DNA studies have recently confirmed the common origin of these three varieties.

Pigato is mainly found in the western Ligurian Riviera, and in the Val Polcèvera area, together with the Vermentino and its name comes from the dialect “picau”, meaning speckled, by the presence of small dots (pigghe) on the grapes.

The Pigato berry is white, medium-large, spheroid with waxy, yellow-amber or green skin (depending on exposure). The bunch is medium or medium-large, cylindrical or pyramidal, medium loose with a medium-large, pentagonal, five-lobed leaf and the vine prefers sunny and hilly terrain, close to the sea and has medium vigor and time of average maturity, good and regular production.

The Pigato grape variety produces a pale yellow wine with greenish hues, floral aromas and hints of minerality. The taste is dry, fruity, slightly bitter, smooth and harmonious.

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