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Petite Arvine

Petite Arvine

The Petite Arvine grape is native of Valais, in Switzerland, from where it has crossed the border and spread in to the Aosta Valley. According to a study, the Petite Arvine grape derives from the grape Prié, native of the Aosta Valley and also grown in France.

The Petite Arvine grape is so called because of the size of its berries, petite is small in French. The grape not only is suited, but has a knack for growing in altitude, and for that reason it is nicknamed “grape of the glaciers.” Certainly adapted to the Aosta Valley's landscape, the Petite Arvine is a variety that is characterized by high intensity and pleasantness of its wines, as well as an inclination to ageing.

The Petite Arvine berry is white, small, spheroid with thin, solid, waxy, yellowish green skin. The bunch is medium, pyramidal, elongated, often bi-winged, and compact with a medium-large, pentagonal leaf and has medium vigor and good productivity.

The Petite Arvine grapes produces straw yellow wines, with intense and complex nose, floral, with hints of violets and wisteria. On the palate, the wine fresh, refreshing, with a lively acidity and medium to full body.

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