Italian wine and grape guide : Pecorello


The Pecorello is a minor grape of the Calabria region, present mainly in the province of Cosenza and locally known since the end of 19th century. Among its synonyms there is also “Pecorino”, but this is not to suggest a kinship with Pecorino grape known in central Italy, being an entirely different variety. Its berry color is white, of medium-small size and spheroid shape. The skin is thick, substantial, medium waxy, amber colored. Pecorello’s bunch is medium, cylindrical or tapered, medium compact and sparse with medium-large leaf, orbicular, entire or trefoil. The Pecorello grape has medium-high vigor, with vintage mid-late ripening and average production. Pecorello gives a pale yellow wine with intense aroma. It is generally present in blends, both white and red or rose, where is able to confer a certain fineness.

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