Italian wine and grape guide : Ortrugo


The Ortrugo grape is grown mainly in Emilia, in the province of Piacenza. Ampelographic Bulletin issued by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1881 mentioned Altrugo or Artrugo from which it probably originated the current name. The etymology of the name could result in the meaning of “other grapes”, “altre uve”. There was a certain period of time when Ortrugo had a good spread throughout Emilia, but today this grape has lost importance and is more easily blended with other varieties, including Malvasia Bianca, though, thanks to the passion of some producers, you can find its remarkable expressions vinified in purity. The berry is white spheroidal with waxy skin, consistent and very durable, with yellow-green skin slightly dotted. The Ortrugo vine has large leaves, slightly kidney-shaped, three-lobed. Its bunch is large, cylindrical-conical, very compact and often with a wing. The Ortrugo grape gives a pale yellow wine with slight and fine scents, full-bodied and quite alcoholic. In Piacenza it is also used for the production of champagne or other sparkling wines.

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