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Nerello Cappuccio

Nerello Cappuccio

The Nerello Cappuccio grape is one of the two varieties of Nerello, both widespread in both Sicily and Calabria.

In Sicily, Nerello Cappuccio is mainly found in the Etna area where it contributes to the blend of Etna red DOC wine. The term Nerello derives from the intense color of the grapes, while "cappuccio" derives from the characteristic shape of the plant grown as a small tree. Nerello Cappuccio is also harvested very late, towards the middle of October and from an ampelographic point of view, Nerello Cappuccio has a medium-large leaf and a small, compact bunch, characterized by a shape that resembles a pine cone.

The grape has a regular shape, is small and has a black-blue color and a thick skin covered in bloom. The pulp is juicy, medium sweet with some acidic hints. Nerello Cappuccio has good yield and resists both adverse atmospheric conditions and parasitic infections.

The wines produced with Nerello Cappuccio are of a bright ruby red with purple shades, united with a strong, tempting and fruity scent, with ethereal notes if aged. Nerello Cappuccio often lacks the tannin profile to stand alone as a varietal.

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