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Italian wine and grape guide : Moscato di Terracina

Moscato di Terracina

The Moscato di Terracina grape is a local variety of Moscato widespread only in Lazio. It is used both to produce wine and as a table grape. It belongs to the family of Moscati, aromatic varieties whose name derives from “muscum”, the musk, whose characteristic flavor is found in grapes and that probably corresponds to “Anathelicon moschaton” of the Greeks or to the “uva apiana” of the ancient Rome. It corresponds to the French grape variety “Muscat à petit grains”. Its berry is white, large, and spherical with waxy, yellow-green skin. The bunch has a shape of a pyramid with medium, five-lobed leaves. The Moscato di Terracina grape variety gives a wine of a straw yellow color with golden hues, with aromatic scent notes of yellow exotic fruits and honey. The taste is fruity and dry.

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