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Italian wine and grape guide : Moscato di Scanzo

Moscato di Scanzo

The Moscato di Scanzo grape is of ancient origin and was probably brought to Scanzo hills by Roman legions, as prize of war won over the Gauls in the Bergamo area, although the most remote origins are probably Greek. It belongs to the family of Moscati, aromatic varieties whose name derives from “muscum”, the musk, whose characteristic flavor is found in grapes and that probably corresponds to “Anathelicon moschaton” of the Greeks. The Moscato di Scanzo is present only in Lombardy and its typical production area is around the town of Scanzorosciate (BG) in Valcalepio. The Moscato di Scanzo wine became docg in 2009 after being awarded as doc in 2002. It was listed in the National register of grapevines varieties only in 1981, while in the past it was mistakenly confused with Aleatico and Negrara trentina. Its berry is black medium, with very waxy, solid, and blue-black colored skin. The bunch is medium, pyramid-conical elongated, winged, rather sparse with a medium, five-lobed leaf. The Moscato di Scanzo grape variety prefers hill lands, dry and with good exposure. Its production is good, but not constant. After drying, this grape gives a ruby red wine with orange reflections. The fragrance is complex, with notes of dried rose, sage, acacia honey, cinnamon and licorice. The taste is sweet and velvety.

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