The Molinara grape is characterized by an abundant presence of bloom on the berries, from which it gets the name mulinara, i.e. “from the mill”. It is a native grape from the Veneto region and since 1800 this variety has been grown in the Valpolicella, Valpantena and in the Val d'Illasi areas and it is called differently depending on where it is grown, “Rossara” or “Rossanella” is its name in the Garda area, “Brepon” in the Valpantena. The Molinara grape is often confused with “Ua salà” (salted grapes, because of the salty taste).

The Molinara has a black, medium, spheroidal, slightly elongated berry with red-violet, firm and slightly thick skin, very waxy. The cluster is medium, elongated, with one or two short wings, rather loose, with a medium-large, three-lobed, sometimes entire leaf.

The Molinara grape variety has a good yield and abundant production.

When vinified on its own, Molinara grapes produces a bright cherry colour wine, with a delicate aroma and medium body, the grape though, is mainly used in blends with other grapes of the area to produce Valpolicella and Bardolino wines.

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