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Italian wine and grape guide : Minella Bianca

Minella Bianca

The Minella Bianca grape is definitely native to the region of Sicily. Its origins are unknown. It is believed that the name derives from the particular elongated shape of the berry, which reminds one breast. It is generally grown on the slopes of Etna, and enters to be part of the Etna DOC composition. Typically it is vinified together with other grapes of the area, first of all with the Catarratto. The berry is white, medium large, ellipsoidal with golden yellow or greenish skin, waxy, thin, consistent. The bunch is medium-large, pyramidal, simple or with wings, medium loose with a medium, pentagonal leaf with three-five lobes. The vine Minella Bianca prefers forms of small livestock expansion (low bush), with short and poor pruning. This grape variety has low vigor and time of late maturation; its productivity is very extensive but inconsistent. The grape Minella Bianca gives a straw yellow wine, a dry, fresh, intense scent with pleasant fruity notes. Little body and with very low alcohol content, fine and harmonious.

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