Italian wine and grape guide : Mayolet


The Mayolet vine has been reported in the Aosta Valley since the late 18th century, so it is a true native of Valle d'Aosta. Mayolet occupies a fairly wide distribution area of cultivation, which stretches from Saint-Vincent to Avise on the right to Dora Baltea on the left, and reaches a considerable altitude of 800 meters above the sea, grown along with other varieties of the area. It is the earliest of the Aosta Valley native. The berry is black, small, spheroid with waxy, thin, blue skin. The bunch is medium-small, cylindrical, compact, and sometimes winged with a medium-large, wedge-shaped, five-lobed leaf. The Mayolet vine has high vigor and vintage mid-early maturing. Generally it gives a good production. The Mayolet grape gives a ruby red wine. The scent is fine and delicate; the taste is full bodied, balanced.

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