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Malvasia Istriana

Malvasia Istriana

The Malvasia Istriana, also known as malvasia bianca, malvasia friuliana, malvasia del Carso and malvasia d'Istria is a semi aromatic, white grape variety widely planted in Friuli Venezia Giulia, the cultivation dates back to 300 dc and the neighbouring Veneto, part of the Malvasia family of Greek origin.

Malvasia Istriana is a grape easy to grow and has tolerate well cold winters, early frosts and windy sites, probably one of the reason it has found its perfect habitat in Friuli.

Wines made with Malvasia Istriana have straw yellow color, a medium acidity with potentially high alcohol and their style varies depending of the area and the producer, they go from light and fresh to full-bodied, soft and luscious. Malvasia Istriana wines tend to be fresher than wines from most other ‘Malvasias’ and have a distinctive nose with floral notes. On the palate, wines made with Malvasia Istriana are normally fresh but can, when aged, produce fine and complex wine.

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