The Lagrein grape is a native red grape variety of Alto Adige, north of Italy, with its name thought to be deriving from Val Lagarina. In fact, it is almost certain that the name Lagrein derives from Lagara, a colony of Magna Grecia that produced a wine known as “Lagaritanos”.

Until the 18th century the name Lagrein was mainly associated usually to the white grape Lagrein bianco, which was probably the most important variety in the surroundings of Bolzano, especially in the “Gries” area.

Lagrein Rosso (“roter Lagrein”) firstly appears in 1525 and there are two different biotypes with different size and shape of the bunch, Lagrein a grappolo corto (short cluster) and Lagrein a grappolo lungo (long cluster) and there are two types of wine made from Lagrein: rosé (Kretzer) and dark (Dunkel).

The lagrein has a black berry, medium, oval with a waxy, consistent and thick skin, blue-black colored, very homogeneous. The bunch is medium, tending to pyramidal, short and stocky, with one or two wings, rather compact with a medium, tending to pyramidal shape, short and stocky, with one or two wings, rather compact.

The Lagrein grape has a good yield and ripens late, with high acidity and low tannins.

This Lagrein grape produces a deep ruby red wine with a fruity nose, the taste is dry, fresh and full-bodied and it suited for wood ageing. When made rosé, the wine accentuates its fresh characteristics.

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