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The Guardavalle grape is a native white variety of the Calabrian province of Reggio Calabria. Found only in Calabria, in the wine regions of Kalipera, in the province of Reggio Calabria and in particular in the Ionian coast of the region the grape is mainly used in blends with other native grapes.

The Guardavalle berry is medium size, spherical shaped with a peel of medium and large thickness, slightly waxy, amber color uneven. The bunch is medium, conical, sometimes sparse, medium compact and medium, pentagonal, five-lobed leaves. The grape has a good tolerance to adverse climatic conditions, it is not particularly demanding, therefore easy to grow.

The grape, when vinified on its own, produces straw yellow colored wines with an intense aroma with toasted hazelnut notes, warm and low acidity in the mouth.

We do not stock any wine made with Guardavalle but we suggest you to try those made with Fiano