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Italian wine and grape guide : Grenache


Grenache in French, Garnacha in Spain and Cannonau in Italy, these are only some of the names the grape is known for. The Grenache is the most planted grape in the world and certainly the queen of the Mediterranean area. Thought to be of Spanish origins, it has been grown all over the Mediterranean area for centuries thanks to the Spanish domination, late 12th century.

The Grenache, the Cannonau is grown in Sardinia of which represent the most important wine, is also grown in other areas, from Tuscany to Latium, to Umbria with individual vineyards spread all over Italy.

The Grenache is a late ripening grape and produces balanced wines with high alcohol content, if drunk young are very fruity and easy to drink, if aged becomes elegant and more structured. The Grenache is also often blended or dried to produce dessert wines

Producers growing the grape

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