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Italian wine and grape guide : Grechetto rosso

Grechetto rosso

The Grechetto rosso grape was grown exclusively in the province of Viterbo and is present only in the DOC Colli Etruschi viterbesi with a specific type in purity. Currently, however, it is not cultivated and this type of wine is not currently available or is very hard to find on the market. The berry of Grechetto rosso is black, medium-sized, ovoid, sometimes nodular, and uneven with a slightly waxy, red-bluish skin. The bunch is large, cylindrical in shape, with one or two wings, medium compact and with a medium size, pentagonal, five of medium dark green color leaf. This red grape variety has a high productivity and the wine it gives is of more or less intense ruby red color, the scent is distinctive, fragrant, and more or less fruity. The taste is dry, fruity, balanced, and persistent.

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