Italian wine and grape guide : Ginestra


The Ginestra grape has been present in Campania since 1825, when Acerbi cited it among the species of vine spread around Naples. This grape is now grown in the municipalities of Salerno - Scala, Ravello, Amalfi, Maiori and Minori, but also in Furore, Tramonti, Corby and Positano where, however, it is known by the name of Biancazita. It is spread almost exclusively throughout the Amalfi coast. It is also known as Biancatenera. The grape Ginestra owes its name to the scent of its berries, which makes it interesting from an oenological point of view, since it favors the presence of floral notes in the wines that with aging develop in hydrocarbon notes, the element that makes it similar to Riesling. It also shows an excellent ability to accumulate sugars, ensuring continued high levels of acidity. As a complementary vine, it falls into the ampelographic base of the DOC Costa d'Amalfi White. Ginestra’s berry color is white, medium size, elliptical shape with yellow green, slightly waxy skin. The bunch is medium long, conical pyramid, simple and compact with medium-large, wedge-shaped, three-lobed leaves. The Ginestra grapes give an intense straw yellow colored wine with strong floral notes and good structure and acidity.

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