Italian wine and grape guide : Gamaret


The Gamaret vine is a red grape crossing obtained in 1970 by André Jaquinet from a cross between Gamay and Reichensteiner (German white grape). It is the “little brother” of Garanoir, obtained starting from the same grape varieties. The Gamaret variety is mostly found in the vineyards of the French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino, and in 1999 it entered the National Registy of grapevine varieties as an authorized variety of the Valle d'Aosta. Its maturation is similar to Pinot Noir, but contrary to the latter, it is highly resistant to rot. It can then ripen longer, resulting in very colorful wines with spicy aromas and good tannic structure. Initially Gamaret had been developed to provide blending wines of indigenous wines, but on the way it was discovered that it can lead to very interesting wines when vinified alone and aged in wood. The Gamaret vine gives a dark ruby red wine. The scent is fruity and spicy, with notes of blueberry and black pepper. On the palate it is medium large and medium-bodied, with soft and elegant tannins.

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