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Italian wine and grape guide : Francavidda


The Francavidda grape variety comes from the province of Brindisi, and its name seems to derive from Francavilla Fontana, its most important area of production. It is also known by the synonym in dialect “Francaidda”. Francavidda is a minor grape variety in terms of cultivated area, and its sensitivity to diseases and other hardships has helped to reduce the spread. The berry is white, medium, spherical with waxy, medium, thick, greenish-whitish skin. The cluster is medium easy, fairly tight with a large, three-lobed or entire leaf. The Francavidda variety has good vigori and time of average maturity, its production is abundant and regular. The Francavidda grape gives a pale yellow wine with greenish reflections. The scent offers floral and herbaceous notes, of medium complexity. The taste is fruity and moderately alcoholic, smooth, with a slight aftertaste of bitter almonds. Typically the grape is vinified in blends with other varieties of the area of Ostuni.

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