The Cornalin grape, considered native to valle d'Aosta. Until the first half of the '800 Cornalin was one of the most common vines in the region. More recently, many native varieties with low diffusion, including Cornalin, have risked extinction until, at the end of the 80s, the Institut Agricole Régional of Aosta launched a campaign aimed to the recovery of native grape varieties, until then Cornallin survived only in a very few centuries-old vineyard. Thanks to the campaign, Cornalin has returned to be an integral part of the Aosta Valley wine heritage.

Cornalin is a vine of medium and high vigor, ripening very late. Its leaf is medium large and pentagonal in shape and the bunch of medium size and pyramidal shape, sometimes winged, with thin and pruinous skin, with a color, which in the ripening phase, tends to blue.

The wines produced with Cornalin have a ruby red color with an intense and complex nose, fruity and floral, with notes of wild strawberry and cherry and black pepper. On the palate the wine is warm, with a good structure with a pleasant acidity.

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