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The Cococciola grape is a native variety from Abruzzo still of uncertain origins and it is only grown in the province of Chieti, and while initially its use was mainly in blends with other white grapes, such as Trebbiano d'Abruzzo, now it is often vinified and made on its own. Cococciola’s berries are white, large and spherical with yellow peel that has brown spots and streaks and is thick and consistent. The bunch is medium, cylindrical-conical, compact or tending to compact with large or medium-large leaf, three-lobed or five-lobed. Although traditionally used as a blending grape due to its ability to produce balanced wines, Cococciola is now found more and more in varietal wines produced and sold under Abruzzo's various IGT titles. The region's Colli Aprutini and Colline Teatine IGTs are the most likely place to start looking for a pure Cococciola wine, although the variety has recently been cleared for use in single-variety wines made under the region-wide Abruzzo DOC. The wine produced with the vine Cococciola in purity shows a straw yellow color and a delicate fragrance with notes of white flowers in spring and clear citrus sensations of grapefruit and lemon. In the mouth it creates a delicate flavor of great persistence and pleasantness.

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