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The history of this grape variety is shrouded in mystery.

Certainly it is a native grape variety from Campania, mainly cultivated in the province of Caserta. A story passed on by farmers says that the grape was discovered in an old ruin known as “'a casa vecchia”, the old house at the beginning of the 19th century. A vine stump found by chance that escaped the phylloxera that had destroyed all local vineyards.

The vine was then reproduced and replanted and slowly it slowly gained momentum and appreciation. The Casavecchia wine can, according to some, be identified with the famous "Trebulano" wine appreciated by the ancient Romans and Pliny, who considered it one of the best Italian wines.

The grapes of the Casavecchia variety are very large and sparse and this allows the grape to be naturally protected from moulds and diseases, it is harvested from mid-October and gives a very structured wine. From a study carried out by Prof. Moio, the characteristics of the Casavecchia are a low acidity and a high presence of soft tannins. It is a grape that produces wines that lend themselves to long ageing.

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