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The Carricante is a Sicilian white grape variety that probably owes its name to its abundant productivity. Blended with other grapes, Carricante gives finesse and softness to the wine. It is often used in blends with native Sicilian grapes such as Catarratto, Ansonica, Minnella or with red grapes such as Nerello mascalese.

Until the last century it was widely grown throughout the island of Sicily, but the tendency to produce more colored, alcoholic, and structured wines has prompted wineries to gradually replace it, only recently there has been a rediscovery of the grape and its wines.

The Carricante berry is white, medium, sub-ellipsoidal with waxy and yellowish green skin. The bunch is medium, conical, simple or with wing, semi-sparse or sparse with a medium, sub-orbicular or pentagonal, three-lobed or five-lobed leaf. The Carricante vine prefers soils of low expansion breeding, with short and poor pruning. This grape has abundant and constant production.

The grape Carricante vinified alone gives a particularly fine wine, of straw yellow color with green highlights. The wine have good aromas with hints of herbs, fragrant and floral. It has a good structure, it is warm, savory and characterized by a high acidity that makes the grape particularly suitable for aging in wood and producing white wine with a long life span.

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