Italian wine and grape guide : Bosco


The Bosco grape is grown in Liguria, in Genoa and the Cinque Terre area. Its origins are ancient and uncertain. The most likely hypothesis is that it originates from the Cinque Terre, and that its name refers to the wooded hills that characterize them – in Italian “bosco” means the forest. Another hypothesis is that its origin is rather Genoese and that the name derives from the forest located in the park of the Villa Marchesi Durazzo in Genoa. Bosco contributes to the production of the famous sweet wine “Cinque Terre Sciacchetrà”. Its berry is white, medium and ellipsoidal with thick, waxy, greenish-yellowish, gray skin, darker in the sun. The bunch is medium or medium-large, conical, elongated, winged, very sparse with a medium, pentagonal and five-lobed leaf. This grape prefers dry hilly grounds. Its production is inconsistent, because of leaking and millerandage bunches. The Bosco grape is particularly suitable for drying on racks and is usually vinified together with Albarola, Vermentino and Bianchetta.

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