Italian wine and grape guide : Boschera


The Boschera grape is grown exclusively in Veneto, especially in the province of Treviso, especially in the area of Vittorio Veneto, from where it originates. The Boschera vine is rarely pure and enters the blend Torchiato of Fregona. The berry is medium, irregular, elliptical with thick, firm, yellowish-green skin, with brown spots and slightly waxy. The bunch is medium, pyramidal, winged, medium compact with a large, pentagonal and five-lobed leaf. The Boschera variety has medium-late maturing and great vigor. For this reason it is not recommended for fertile land. The Boschera grape variety gives a golden yellow wine with light green hues. The wine is fruity with citrus notes and a slight tinge of hydrocarbons. The taste is fruity, dry and balanced. It is typically used in blends with other local vineyards.

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