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Italian wine and grape guide : Bianco di Alessano

Bianco di Alessano

The vine Bianco di Alessano is present in Puglia, especially in the province of Taranto. The first documents about its cultivation in the area are recent enough (end of the 19th century), and since then the variety of Bianco di Alessano was often vinified in blends with vine Verdeca. It has gradually lost its importance with regard to the latter, the most fertile and productive and capable of transmitting more color (greenish) to wine, compared to straw yellow very discharge of Bianco di Alessano. The berry is white, medium, spherical with thick, waxy, yellow skin. The cluster is medium-large, cylindrical-conical, simple or with wing, compact with a medium-large, orbicular leaf. The Bianco di Alessano vine grows best on medium-textured soils and moderately deep, with rearing medium expansion and rich pruning. It has medium vigor, abundant and regular production. The Bianco di Alessano grape gives a simple straw-yellow colored wine. This grape is often blended with the Verdeca grape.

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