Italian wine and grape guide : Bervedino


The Bervedino is a white grape variety grown in the eastern part of the Colli Piacentini, where it is known under the name of Berverdino. The name probably comes from the amber color that the grapes take in sunlight. In recent years the cultivation has been drastically restricted to the neighboring areas of the Arda Valley (in the province of Piacenza). It is listed in the National Register of Vine Variety and it is annotated in the list of recommended varieties in the province of Piacenza. Usually it is vinified in blends with other local varieties. Bervedino’s berry is white, medium, irregular, and nodular with waxy yellow skin with amber hues. Its bunch is medium, pyramidal, and compact with a medium, pentagonal, three-lobed leaf. The Bervedino grape gives a wine of a light golden color, fruity aroma and fruity, fresh taste that is not lacking in finesse.

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