Italian wine and grape guide : Avarengo


The Avarengo grape is native of the Pinerolo area, but it has almost disappeared due to its low and difficult productivity. Rovasenda quoted it in a publication dated 1877 as a vine of Pinerolo. It owes its name to the scarcity (avarezza) of its production. Long black grapes produced by this vine were consumed at the table and also for diuretic treatment, then it was subsequently also used for the production for the wine. The berry is black, medium, and spheroid with a resistant skin covered with bloom, black-blue colored. The cluster is medium to large, conical-pyramidal, with 2 or 3 wings, pretty compact with a medium-small, pentagonal, leaf. The Avarengo vine needs long pruning to balance its vigor, so prefers expanded forms of farming. Its productivity is low and irregular. This grape gives a not very intense ruby-red color wine. The fragrance is delicate with hints of red berries and almonds. Rarely vinified alone, it is usually blended with Neretta and Barbera.

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