Italian wine and grape guide : Avanà


The Avanà grape is a native of the province of Turin, and it is widespread mostly in the Val di Susa. Its affinity with some French varieties, such as Troyan and Gamay d'Orléans, suggests an origin beyond the Alps that dates back to the times when the Piemonte made part of the Duchy of Savoy. This vine has experienced a decline after the advent of phylloxera and is currently a marginal variety. There is no registry of a wine made in purity of Avanà. The berry is black, medium or medium-large, spheroidal with thick and consistent skin with little bloom, blue colored. The cluster is medium or medium-small, cylindrical, sometimes equipped with a wing, slightly tight or medium loose with a medium or medium-small, orbicular and slightly trefoil leaf. The Avanà vine gives a ruby red colored wine. The fragrance is delicate with hints of red berries and almonds. It is typically blended with Neretta and Barbera.

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