Italian wine and grape guide : Asprinio


The Asprinio grape, also known as Ragusa, is widespread in Campania, especially in Caserta and Neapolitan. Its ancient origins identify Asprinio as authochthonal of this area: it seems to derive from ancient wild grapes domesticated by the Etruscans, and also the ancient farming system seems to derive from those ancient times. Its characteristic of being grown primarily in sandy soils protected Asprinio from phylloxera. High acidity makes it suitable for sparkling wine. This grape is the basis for the production of wine Asprinio of Aversa DOC. White berries are medium size, ellipsoidal with waxy, medium thick, gray-greenish color skin. The cluster is medium, elongated, often winged, compact or slightly loose with medium size five-lobed leaf. The wine made from the grape variety Asprinio is of straw yellow color with green reflections and fruity aromas that recall the citrus. Fresh and well structured it is often used as a base for sparkling wines.

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