Italian wine and grape guide : Albana


The Albana vine has spread mainly in Emilia-Romagna. Its origin seems to date back to Roman times, from the Colli Albani area. There are various clones of the Albana vine with slightly different morphological characteristics: Albana Gentile di Bertinoro and Albana della Compadrona have the largest cluster, Albana della Serra has a more elongated bunch, Albana della Bagarona has a medium-large and Albana della Gaiana has a smaller cluster. The ampelographic characteristics of the Albana vine make it suitable for getting raisin vines of great value. The berry is white, medium and spheroid with yellow-green or golden skin, waxy, thin, consistent. The cluster is sometimes compact, has one or two wings with a large, pentagonal, five-lobed or three-lobed leaf. The Albana grape has good vigor. The fact of presenting clusters typically sparse and berries with resistant peel makes this variety particularly suitable for drying. The wine obtained from the Albana grape turns to golden with intense aromas and good balance between freshness and softness. The Albana di Romagna DOCG Passito is among the most popular and most award-winning dessert wines in Italy.

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