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Garlic Salami, Salumificio Storti (500gr)

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Why we love it

Salame del Mincio is a typical local charcuterie, the Mincio is the local river, and it is made following a centuries hold recipe.

This garlic salami is obtained from lean locally reared pig, the flavour is delicate, with a sweet taste. Perfect for sandwiches, panini or charcuterie platters or to be served as an aperitif together with a glass of Lambrusco. Delicious

The artisan who made it

The production of cured meats and sausages in Mantua it goes back to a very ancient tradition of breeding pork. Various finds have in fact documented that it was already practiced by the ancient Etruscans, who raised and ate pork almost 2500 years ago, and it is so much part of the culture that even today, in many families the tradition of the winter killing of pork persists. Pig breeding is so widespread in these territories that in the areas of oltrepo Mantovano there is an average of about 5 pigs per inhabitant.

This is where Salumificio Storti started. Working with exceptional ingredients, and following millennial traditions, the Salumificio Storti, a family artisan butchery, has been producing authentic, traditional local cured meat.

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