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Soft Torrone Nougat Limoncello, Rivoltini (50gr)

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Why we love it

The torrone, nougat, is an Italian delicacy initially only eaten during the Christmas season but in the last few years it has become an all year round sweet and desserts and pastry chef have created plenty of versions and Rivoltini is synonym for artisan Italian torrone.

This limoncello flavored soft torrone nougat, alchool free, the zesty, limoncello flavour is amplified by the caramelized lemon and oranges decorating the nougat. Addictive. Rivoltini’s torrone contains only natural ingredients.

The artisan who made it

Rivoltini is Italian nougat, the famous torrone, the old-fashioned way and it is synonym for artisan Italian torrone. Based on the original recipe that goes back to 1441 and using modern equipment that follows the same process and only uses natural ingredients, Rivoltini’s nougat is a joy for the senses.

Rivoltini goes back to 1930 when the founder, Signor Esilio, together with his sons, decided to start making torrone, at the time, mainly a Christmas affair. Now torrone has become a year long affair, it is eaten on all seasons and Rivoltini, still belong to Signor Esilio descendants, search the best quality ingredients for their nougats and brittle

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